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FAST: Financial Assistance System Tracking

The Financial Assistance System Tracking (FAST) online platform represents a pivotal step forward in modernising the process for requesting financial assistance in Belize’s education system. By leveraging digital technology, the FAST platform aims to streamline and expedite the application process, thereby enhancing access to financial aid services offered by the ministry. This initiative will significantly […]

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Literacy Alive

Literacy Alive emerged as a vital reading intervention initiative, currently undergoing a pilot phase across all government primary schools, specifically targeting students in Standards 2 and 3 who encounter challenges in reading proficiency. The programme’s core objective is to effectively address the foundational literacy needs of these students, particularly amid the exacerbating effects of the

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Think Equal

The Think Equal Programme represents a significant initiative aimed at empowering young children in Belize with crucial social and emotional skills essential for their holistic development. By integrating lessons and activities that cultivate kindness, empathy, and tolerance, the program seeks to instil qualities that have enduring impacts on behaviour throughout adolescence and into adulthood. By

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FIFA Digital Ed Programme

The FIFA Foundation’s commitment to advancing education and sports programs globally is exemplified through its multifaceted initiatives aimed at enhancing computer science education and football programmes in schools worldwide. Through the FIFA Digital Education 3-year programme, 40 primary schools in Belize are set to undergo a transformative journey, equipping students from Standard 2 through 6

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GLOBE, a pioneering science education initiative, serves as a vital platform for fostering collaboration among students, teachers, and scientists worldwide to deepen our understanding, conservation efforts, and enhancement of Earth’s environment on local, regional, and global scales. In a significant stride towards this goal, more than 50 teachers underwent comprehensive training in the summer of

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Code Caribbean

The CODE Caribbean computer science programme, spanning two years, endeavours to cultivate creativity and problem-solving skills among 8 to 13-year-old students by nurturing digital literacy and computational thinking through coding exercises. Recognising coding as a cornerstone of modern problem-solving, the program aims to equip students with the ability to dissect complex challenges into manageable steps,

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