Curriculum Development Unit


The Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) operates to fulfill the responsibilities of the Ministry of Education in relation to curriculum and educational resources as prescribed by the Education and Training Act, 2010.

  1. The Chief Education Officer in consultation with the Education Council and TVET Council shall, with respect to government and government-aided preschools and primary schools, secondary schools and ITVETs
  • prescribe areas of study;
  • issue curriculum guidelines and require that courses of study be developed therefrom;
  • issue the curricula pertinent to technical and vocational education and training at all levels of the education system;
  • approve or permit the Managers and Managing Authorities of such schools and institutions to approve alternative areas of study in lieu of or in addition to prescribed areas of study.
  1. The Chief Education Officer, in consultation with the Education Council and TVET Council shall approve textbooks and other educational materials for use in government and government-aided pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and ITVETs.

The primary responsibilities of the Curriculum Development Unit are to

  • Coordinate periodic consultations to establish the national goals for education.
  • Develop corresponding graduate profiles and national curriculum for pre-school centres, primary schools and secondary schools or institutions, specifying the respective expected learning outcomes and the organisation and structure of the curriculum.
  • Establish benchmarks and standards for student achievement in core curriculum areas at the primary and secondary levels of education.
  • Develop teaching guides and sample lesson plans based on the national curriculum.
  • Evaluate textbooks and other teaching and learning resources for alignment with the national curriculum.
  • Advise on the content of teacher education programmes to ensure alignment with the national goals for education, graduate profiles and national curricula.
  • Assist with the design and delivery of professional development programs for teachers, school leaders and instructional coaches in the interpretation of the national curriculum and development of school curriculum.
  • Liaise with the Examinations Unit to ensure tables of specifications for national assessments are aligned to the national curriculum.

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Contact Information

Curriculum Development Unit
Address: University Drive, Belize City, Belize
Phone: (501) 223-0791, 203-6970, 203-1389
Fax: (501)223-4532

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