Assessment, Certification and Examinations Unit

The Examinations Unit operates to fulfill the responsibilities of the Ministry of Education in relation to assessment and certification as prescribed by the Education and Training Act, 2010. 

  1. (1) The Chief Education Officer, in consultation with the Education Council and TVET Council shall
  • set standards for (i) the completion of primary and secondary schooling, (ii) all technical and vocational education and training programs at the secondary level, (iii) all apprenticeships in designated trades or occupations, (iv) eligibility for award of the Belize National Vocational Qualification, and
  • provide examinations and other measures for the assessment and certification of students and trainees to determine the attainment of such standards.

          (2) The Minister shall approve all national degrees, diplomas and certificates to be awarded to students.

         (3) The Minister shall, on the recommendations of the Education Council and the TVET Council, approve the accreditation of foreign diplomas, degrees and certificates.


The primary responsibilities of the Assessment, Certification and Examinations Unit are to

  • Develop a system of diagnostic tests, examinations and other measures for the assessment and evaluation of student achievement and level of competence in relation to areas of the national curriculum
  • Liaise with the Curriculum Development Unit to ensure tables of specifications for national assessments are aligned to the national curriculum.
  • Collect and analyze data on student, teacher and school characteristics to identify and advise on factors that influence student achievement.
  • Administer regional and international examinations for the purpose of determining national achievement in relation to regional and international benchmarks and targets.
  • Provide national certification of students based on their performance in examinations.
  • Publish the results of examinations and provide District Councils and schools with a tabulation and an analysis of results for the purpose of self-review.
  • Advise on the content of teacher education programmes to ensure alignment with national assessment guidelines.
  • Develop assessment and examination guides and sample assessments based on the national curriculum and table of specifications.

Assist with the design and delivery of professional development programs for teachers, school leaders and instructional coaches in relation to student assessment policies and practices


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Contact Information

Assessment, Certification and Examinations Unit
Address: University Drive, Belize City, Belize
Phone: (501) 203-4977
Fax: (501)223-0673

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