FIFA Digital Ed Programme

The FIFA Foundation’s commitment to advancing education and sports programs globally is exemplified through its multifaceted initiatives aimed at enhancing computer science education and football programmes in schools worldwide. Through the FIFA Digital Education 3-year programme, 40 primary schools in Belize are set to undergo a transformative journey, equipping students from Standard 2 through 6 with essential tools such as Chromebooks, robotics kits, projectors, and more.

This initiative is designed to introduce computer science fundamentals, with a particular focus on coding and robotics, into the primary school curriculum. Concurrently, participating schools will also benefit from enrollment in the FIFA Football for Schools initiative, which aims to bolster their football programs through donations of equipment, financial support, and access to relevant software. Additionally, teachers within these schools have undergone specialised training facilitated by experts from, further enhancing their capacity to deliver high-quality computer science education.

Notably, Belize stands as the sole representative from its continent in this programme and is one of only six nations worldwide selected to participate, underscoring the country’s unique position as a pioneering force in the intersection of education, technology, and sports development.

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