Literacy Alive

Literacy Alive emerged as a vital reading intervention initiative, currently undergoing a pilot phase across all government primary schools, specifically targeting students in Standards 2 and 3 who encounter challenges in reading proficiency.

The programme’s core objective is to effectively address the foundational literacy needs of these students, particularly amid the exacerbating effects of the pandemic on educational outcomes. By deploying valid and reliable assessment tools, Literacy Alive aims to discern students’ language proficiency levels, thereby facilitating tailored interventions to bridge the reading gap. While the entire staff of the 58 government primary schools has received an overview of the programme, a significant focus lies on equipping Standard 2 and 3 teachers with specialised training for the Academic Year 2023-2024. This training delves into evidence-based reading and assessment practices, grounded in the latest research findings from the Science of Reading.

Through this strategic approach, Literacy Alive endeavours to not only mitigate the challenges posed by inadequate literacy skills but also empower educators with the necessary tools and methodologies to nurture proficient readers, fostering a conducive learning environment for all students across Belize.

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