Student Welfare Unit

Purpose and Mission

The School Community Liaison and Security Programme seeks to ensure that all children of compulsory school-age attend school regularly so as to provide themselves with the opportunity to learn and participate constructively in the development of Belize as well as their own personal development.

  • To ensure that all children of compulsory school age attend school.
  • To ensure that measures are taken to guarantee that children stay in school.
  • To ensure that the school environment is a safe place for children.
  • Monitor student attendance data in BEMIS to identify, report and act on observed trends.
  • Provide support services to children, parents, teachers, schools and any relevant institution that contribute to the regular attendance of children at school.
  • Access appropriate support from government and non-government organizations and the community to assist students who are in need.
  • Design and implement effective re-entry programs for school dropouts.
  • Train and monitor district-level School Community Liaison Officers (SCLOs).
  • Provide guidance to schools and SCLOs on handling truancy cases.

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Contact Information

Student Welfare Unit
Address: 000
Phone: (501) 000-0000
Fax: (501) 000-0000

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