Policy Objectives
  1. Increase the capacity of the MoECST to respond efficiently and effectively to the needs of students and the nation by rationalizing, modernizing and restructuring its services and organizational model.
  2. Achieve greater value for money through finance reform that assures equitable access to funding for students in need, incentivizes quality teaching and leadership and ensures accountability for public funds.
  3. Improve efficiency and effectiveness in the management and delivery of education services by strengthening the legislative, regulatory and policy frameworks and structures which govern the education system.
  4. Improve the relevance and quality of education by reforming the national curriculum to ensure that students develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to participate in national development and lead productive and meaningful lives.
  5. Modernize the education system by building a robust education technology infrastructure and by harnessing the power of modern technology to transform teaching and learning in and out of the classroom.
  6. Build a culture of continuous improvement by establishing a system of formative, diagnostic and standardized tests which can be used to inform and implement practices and policies for improved student learning at the classroom, school and system levels.
  7. Improve student achievement and well-being by increasing the effectiveness and professionalism of the teaching force through innovative teacher education and professional development and support programs.
  8. Increase access to quality early childhood education by expanding services to underserved communities and implementing relevant legislative, regulatory and policy reforms.
  9. Improve the inclusion and experience of students with special education needs by providing adequate resources and establishing relevant legislation, regulations and policies.
  10. Expand the availability of relevant skills in the workforce by partnering with industries and the private sector to improve the governance, infrastructure, relevance and quality of technical and vocational education in the country.
  11. Increase the quality and relevance of the higher education sector by creating the enabling environment and building the capacity of tertiary institutions to deliver quality, relevant education programs and research services.
  12. Improve the capacity of the Belizean workforce and the quality of life of the adult population by implementing and supporting nation-wide adult learning and continuing education programs in literacy, numeracy, life skills, technology and technical and vocational education.
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