Policy, Planning, Research and Evaluation Unit


The Policy, Planning, Research and Evaluation (PPRE) Unit operates to fulfill regulatory obligations regarding the collection and maintenance of data on the education system. The Unit also serves to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the education system by providing relevant and timely data analysis, research and evaluation for the development of education policies and strategic plans.


The primary responsibilities of the PPRE Unit are to:

  • Manage the Belize Education Management Information System (BEMIS) database ensuring collection and verification of pertinent data on all students, teachers and schools at all levels of the education system.
  • Train and support teachers, school principals and Ministry officials in the use of BEMIS.
  • Process data requests originating from within the Ministry of Education, other government departments, educational institutions, students and researchers, local NGOs and international agencies and organizations.
  • Facilitate access to education data and statistics through electronic platforms. 
  • Publish annual and periodic statistical reports on the state of education. 
  • Provide data and analysis for the development of education policies, programs and development plans.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation and impact of plans, projects, programs and initiatives in the education sector.
  • Design and conduct surveys, research and evaluation studies in identified areas of priority. 
  • Publish results of surveys, research and evaluation studies.
  • Review proposals for the conduct of education research in Belizean schools

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Policy, Planning, Research, & Evaluation Unit
Address: Corner St. Thomas & St. Joseph Street, Belize City, Belize
Phone: (501) 203-6486
Fax: (501) 223-5705
E-mail: edustats@moe.gov.bz

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