Belize Education Management Information System (BEMIS)

The MoECST, supported by the Government of Belize (GOB), which has placed high emphasis on educational investment, developed Belize Education Sector Plan (BESP) 2021-2025 to facilitate a transformation of the education system. The policy objectives of the plan are to provide equitable access to education, improve the quality and relevance of education and strengthen the governance of the education sector.

Based on the Ministry’s recognition of the importance of evidence for impactful education programming, the Ministry sought an Education Management Information System (EMIS) solution. The Belize Education Management Information System (BEMIS) is the Ministry’s national information system that monitors and manages all educational institutions, teachers and students in Belize and the respective associated educational processes based on the Education Rules. BEMIS was introduced at the Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary education levels with the motto “Better Data for Better Schools,” to aid in achieving the above-mentioned objectives with emphasis on the need for quality education data from collection to use. The system is composed of many tools for data collection, manipulation, analysis, visualization, integration and dissemination and it also has the capacity for the Ministry to perform real-time monitoring and management of the education sector plan.

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