MoECST Feature – Professional Development for School Wardens

For pretty much everyone else, the summer break period from school is often a time of rest and relaxation. On the contrary, for us in the education community, it is a period of reflection, preparation and organisation. Furthermore, the break from school offers us an ideal opportunity to engage in continuous professional development for the improvement of our education system.

This year, our team has been hard at work by focusing on a group that doesn’t often get the spotlight or recognition for the incredible value they bring to our education system and their schools. School wardens, much like teachers and administrators, play a significant role in their schools. They ensure that our students are safe at school and that, in itself, is a huge responsibility. Last year, we undertook a comprehensive review of our School Warden Programme and this year, we are focusing on capacity building and ensuring that our wardens are ‘up to the task.’

A small team, led by Ms Sofia Haylock from our headquarters in Belmopan, have been on the ground, facilitating trainings for our wardens in all districts. Their trainings are focusing on customer service, standard operating procedures and protocols, professional conduct, fire safety and even first aid! By equipping our force of 260 school wardens with the knowledge on these different topics, we are ensuring that our students and teachers return to a safer and more secure learning environment.

Ms Haylock is ably supported by Ms Keisha Crown, Administrative Officer at our Headquarters, and Mr Brian Castillo from the Cayo District Education Centre (Belmopan Substation).

This is how we’re making education WORK for Belize!

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