Belize Education Sector Plan 2021-2025

The Belize Education Sector Plan 2021-2025 sets out the Ministry of Education’s vision and plan for Making Education Work for Belize. This plan has been developed at a time of great challenge for our Nation as we continue to face an unprecedented economic crisis brought on by the devastating COVID Pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed and widened the learning gaps in our education system particularly in our most vulnerable rural communities where the information technology infrastructure is virtually nonexistent.

Technology is central to our Education Sector Plan. We must embrace its use and we must be bold, creative, and progressive in its application to the needs and requirements of our 2021-2025 education system.

Our philosophy and vision, outlined in this Plan, are grounded in the simple yet fundamental truth that the ultimate goal of Education is improving quality of life. The more knowledge, information, and skills you possess, the greater the likelihood of you leading a more productive and meaningful life and the more likely you are to contribute positively to the development and upliftment of your family, community, and country.

This Plan is built on a commitment to Access, Equity, and Quality. Our plan is student centered and focused on student learning outcomes. Our education system continues to fail too many of our people. We must reverse this devastating reality with a sense of purpose and urgency. With over 100,000 students enrolled in our education system from pre-school to university, we have a unique opportunity to shape the future, change the future, build the future. I invite you to read this Plan and to join our efforts to “Make Education Work for Belize.”

Hon. Francis W. Fonseca
Minister, MoECST

Thank you for your efforts to make education work for all Belizeans. It requires our combined contributions to ensure that our students receive virtuous values and principles, and innovative knowledge and skills relevant to attaining sustainable human development. All Belizeans must have the real opportunity to access a high-quality education at an affordable cost to achieve their goals and dreams. Together we should work to ensure the best for our students and our country.

The responsibility to deliver on this vision for education rests with all stakeholders, who comprise the entire country. Students, parents, teachers, principals, managements, the Ministry of Education, the Government of Belize, the private and NGO sectors, the religious and civil society communities, along with our international partners, all play a key role in the transformation of our education system. Our Belize Education Sector Plan: Making Education Work for Belize, 2021-2025 (BESPlan) lays out this exciting path that we are traveling together.

The sustainable human development of Belize depends on our success in realizing BESPlan. The economic, social, institutional, and environmental pillars of Horizon 2030 need your active human agency to enhance the capabilities of every Belizean, so that each person in our country may be able to function at her or his best desired state of wellbeing.

Our team at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology looks forward to collaborating with you in genuine partnership as we all execute BESPlan, and at the national level, endeavor for “…peace, social justice, liberty, national happiness, the increase of industry, sobriety, and useful knowledge” (Belizean National Prayer).

Hon. Louis Zabaneh
Minister of State, MoECST

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