Student Services

Special Education Unit

Special education unit Mission and Purpose The Special Education Unit seeks to ensure that all Belizean children will have access to quality education services regardless of their unique physical, social, emotional or academic needs. Objective Provide the legislation, policies, programmes and resources needed to improve the inclusion and experience of students with diverse needs in […]

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Student Welfare Unit

Student Welfare Unit Purpose and Mission The School Community Liaison and Security Programme seeks to ensure that all children of compulsory school-age attend school regularly so as to provide themselves with the opportunity to learn and participate constructively in the development of Belize as well as their own personal development. Goals To ensure that all

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Counseling Care Unit

Counseling and Care Unit Mission and Purpose The establishment of the Counselling and Care Unit is to help proactively and reactively address issues related to healthy behavior and mental health of school-aged children in primary schools. The Counselling and Care Unit is committed to creating a safe, healthy and supportive learning community by providing support

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