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National Curriculum Transformation

WHAT IS The Purpose and Function of this National Curriculum Framework? The main purpose of this National Curriculum Framework is to promote a consistent, highquality,  competency-based education via policies and practices that set standards across the curriculum system  to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students. It functions as a guide to curriculum writers,  […]

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Special Education Unit

Special education unit Mission and Purpose The Special Education Unit seeks to ensure that all Belizean children will have access to quality education services regardless of their unique physical, social, emotional or academic needs. Objective Provide the legislation, policies, programmes and resources needed to improve the inclusion and experience of students with diverse needs in

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Education Upliftment Project

WHAT IS EUP? The Education Upliftment Pilot Project: Together We Rise is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology (MOECST). It is aimed at providing specific targeted interventions in four government-owned secondary schools that are located in vulnerable, at-risk communities in Belize City It is a realisation of commitments made in

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National Textbook Program

National Textbook Program The Government of Belize provides Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Studies textbooks for all children in government and government-aided primary schools. The current list of textbooks approved for use is as follows: Grade Level Subject Book Publisher Infant I (Workbooks 1 & 2) Infant 2 (Workbook 3) Language Arts (Systematic Phonics Program)

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District Education Centers

District Education Centres Purpose District Education Centres operate to fulfill the responsibilities of the Ministry of Education in relation to monitoring the quality and effectiveness of education and providing support systems for the effective delivery of appropriate and equitable educational services at all levels of the education system as prescribed in Section 3 of the

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