National Resource Centre for Inclusive Education (NaRCIE)

Mission and Purpose

The National Resource Centre for Inclusive Education (NaRCIE) was established to ensure equitable access to education for children with physical, developmental, intellectual and learning disabilities. The NaRCIE works in partnership with school personnel, families, and religious, government and non-governmental organizations to develop school communities that nurture and appreciate the diverse learning needs of all students.  This is done by identifying the unique learning needs of students, facilitating the provision of effective educational practices, and encouraging the creation of conducive learning environments where all students can prosper and grow into persons who will lead an active and productive life. 

  • Contribute to an educational system where all students have access to equitable and relevant educational opportunities 
  • Provide educational services including screening, diagnostic assessments, teacher training, parent and school support and specific therapies and interventions for students with special needs.
  • To facilitate the development of schools and classrooms as supportive communities that include and meet the needs of all students;
  • To provide opportunities for parents and teachers to become active partners in the education of their children;
  • To work collegially with government, non-governmental organizations and the wider community to raise awareness of the special needs of children; and 
  • To provide appropriate support services for children with special needs.
  • Maintain regular contact with school administrators to identify potential SEN students.
  • Provide guidelines on procedures and protocols for ensuring the health, safety and security of children with disabilities.
  • Facilitate admission of students with special needs into the most enabling school environment.
  • Conduct assessments of students referred for assessment.
  • Provide or arrange for therapeutic services for clients.
  • Liaise with local and international organizations to supplement available services and resources.
  • Design and facilitate special education training for teachers.
  • Work with teachers to adjust curriculum to meet students’ needs and abilities.
  • Develop adaptations for student assessments and examinations.
  • Develop student transition plans for further study or work.
  • Maintain accurate and updated client files and student information in BEMIS.

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Contact Information

National Resource Centre for Inclusive Education (NARCIE)
Address: PO Box 2100; Freetown Road, Belize City 
Phone: (501) 203-1150
Fax: (501) 223-6497

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